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SDUSD Visual and Performing Arts Department (VAPA) VAPA


Administrative Offices
Revere Center
6735 Gifford Way
San Diego, CA 92111
858-256-2700 (ph) || 858-256-2708 (fax)

Curricular Materials & Instruments
Instructional Media Center
2441 Cardinal Lane
San Diego, CA 92123



Russ Sperling Director, VAPA [email protected]  (858) 256-2700   Revere
Tim Benson Program Manager, VAPA (VAPA Enrichment) [email protected] (858) 256-2702  Revere
Candice Narlock Program Manager, VAPA (AEP) [email protected]
(858) 256-2700 
Anne Fennell  Program Manager, Music TK-12 [email protected]  (858) 256-2705   Revere
Rob Corona Program Manager, Magnet & Innovation  [email protected] (858) 496-1869  Revere 
Ethan Morgan  VAPA Facilities Manager [email protected]  (858) 256-2700
Richard Trujillo
Supervising Arts Specialist [email protected]  (858) 256-2700   Revere
TBD  Dance Resource Teacher
(858) 256-2700   Revere
Lori Sokolowski Media Arts Resource Teacher [email protected]  (858) 256-2700   Revere
Laura Williams  Music Resource Teacher (Choral and General)  [email protected]  (858) 256-2700   Revere
Marjorie Treger  Theatre Resource Teacher [email protected]  (858) 256-2700   Revere
Cat Chiu Phillips Visual Art Resource Teacher  [email protected]
(858) 256-2700   Revere
Robin Dye AEP Resource Teacher  [email protected]  (858) 256-2702  Revere
Jocelyn Love MSAP Resource Teacher [email protected] (858) 496-1869  Revere
Jolene Ress  Administrative Aide  [email protected] (858) 256-2700   Revere
Tanisha Verge AEP Secretary  [email protected] (858) 256-2702  Revere
Quynh Nguyen VAPA Clerk [email protected]
(858) 256-2703
TBD Instrument Technician 
(858) 256-2707   IMC