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School Psychology Services

The mission of San Diego Unified School District School Psychologists is to facilitate the educational and emotional development of all students by working collaboratively with school staff, families, and community agencies. Our goal is to promote the professional growth of highly qualified school psychologists who design, organize and provide a broad range of services to the schools and communities in which they work. We use data-based decisions to promote the mental health, welfare and education of our students. We are committed to life long learning within the profession so that we may approach with knowledge and compassion our goal of improving the lives and opportunities for ALL children, including those with cultural and linguistic diversity.

The San Diego Unified School District's School Psychologists provide a broad range of services to schools and their communities. School psychologists have specialized training in child development, the educational and psychological foundations of human behavior, research as it applies to educational practices and to students' social and cultural foundations.

School Psychology Services
Related and Low Incidence Services
Whittier School – Special Education Bungalows
3401 Clairemont Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
Phone:  858-490-8500
Fax: 858-490-8549

Contact Information

Instructional Coordinator, Psychologist Jeff Hoffman: [email protected]
(858) 636-4381

Senior Psychologists

Alex Gutierrez, Ed.D., NCSP
[email protected]

Hyyon Palmer, Ph.D.
[email protected]

Anna Peña Ph.D., NCSP
[email protected]

Diana Peterson
[email protected]

Renate Ward, Ed.D., NCSP, ABSNP
[email protected]