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Instructional Facilities Planning


The Instructional Facilities Planning Department develops forecasts, reports, and recommendations that support the district's short- and long-range planning decisions. The department also develops annual school and district enrollment forecasts; develops and maintains school attendance boundaries and provides this information to the public; manages facilities allocation to charter schools under Proposition 39; and assists in developing and updating the long-range facilities master plan and educational specification guidelines for the construction of new schools and upgrading of existing schools. Additionally, staff members serve as liaisons with neighborhood planning groups and other community organizations interested in school planning and development.

Our Mission

Provide leadership data to identify facilities planning issues, define facilities planning requirements, and develop solutions for short-and long-range plans for school facilities which support teaching and learning.

Important Information

To find out which schools serve a specific residential address, please use School Finder, or call the Attendance Boundaries Office at (619) 725-5668.

To request a letter stating which schools serve a development or construction project, please contact [email protected] or (619) 725-7372.

Frequently Needed Information